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The importance of clear business strategies to develop your business and cash flow for 2021.

With billions of people using the internet and social media every day,

There has never been a better time to generate revenue and become a small business owner yourself. Working and living on your terms in the location of your choosing.

Starting a business takes massive amounts of time and energy with no guarantee of making a sale, let alone multiple sales every day. Leading to frustration for many small business owners.

Sound familiar? In 2021 and beyond this can be remedied.
Utilising today's digital tools, customer channels and connecting directly to your ideal customer to solve their immediate need, you can create your business map to increase revenue right now. 

1. Understand your niche market and ideal customer

Start by researching your products and services and who the ideal customer benefits the most with the specific solution you solve. This becomes your Ideal Customer. Dive deeper into your analysis to articulate the exact niche market they align to: Find the commonalities: gender, age, location, interests, income, preferences, areas of interest, triggering events, personal challenges, lifestyle habits;

2. Build an engaged audience

Understand all customer channels they use when solving problems, are in their dream state, or are seeking inspiration and then start communicating your key messages and your unique value proposition using those same channels. Data would suggest using social media marketing organic and paid, email marketing, SEO, Video's and Blogs consistently to engage and connect with your new tribe/community. A priority for your content is to educate your audience, generate new leads and spread awareness of your brand. 

3. Create products and services that people need right now

Your products and services have to generate revenue today, next week, next month and beyond, so understand the pain point you solve intimately. This depth of understanding ensures you become a knowledge leader in your chosen field - this builds trust and confidence, which is critical for building your business.

4. Conduct competitor analysis

Your ideal customer has many choices when it comes to solving their problem. In your market research, you should consider your competition and understand your differentiating value proposition. In what exact areas you are far superior; more advanced, more skilled, innovative, faster, more precise, more convenient, longer using, cheaper that stands you clearly out from your competition. If there is no differentiating factor - then now is the time to create one.

5. Understand your metrics

Start with the end in mind - "My end of year income target is: X". Work backwards from here to clearly understand the exact activities and outcomes you need to achieve this week, this month, this quarter. By the end of the quarter, one deep dive into your performance - what achieved the results you desired, what didn't, what needs to change - do not leave this to chance.

If you need to pivot, create a marketing campaign, or create new partnerships… Now is the time!

We live in a time of fantastic opportunity right at our fingertips. Creating a clear business Map to develop your business and cash flow can be achieved today - we're ready to help!

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