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We Design Websites to Generate Leads

Part look. Part feel. All Psychology!

Niche Market for Effective Targeting

Your products and services need to solve the immediate problem in a niche market or meet that exact market's need right now. Excellent website design turns this niche targeting strategy into its online equivalent.

Ideal Customer for Audience Building

Each niche will contain subsets of ideal customers that are more likely to buy your products and services right now. We use your target audiences' profile; age, gender, interests, locations; to design a user experience that connects with them.

Key Messages to Target Audiences

Key messages are the most relevant and critical points you want your target audiences to hear and remember. They create meaning and headline the solutions your unique products and services provide. Key messages allow you to personalise your communication and enhance your relationships with your target audiences and are essential for the website design process.

Branding Kit and Brand Identity

Your brand kit, colours, images, logos and icons, make a strong first impression. They convey the emotions and feelings that encapsulate what you stand for and provide sub-conscious messages to connect with your audience. With a brand-centric website design, we create a brand experience that builds trust and reduces buyer anxiety, no matter where customers look.

We Build Websites to Get Customers

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About Us

MyCoopShop is a project of
The Solution Network Australia Foundation in collaboration with Kinetic Solutions Pty. Ltd.


The Solution Network Australia Foundation
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