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We are dedicated to supporting small business success.

Specifically designed for freelancers, consultants, trainers, coaches, direct selling businesses, online retailers, dropshipping... any small business wanting to increase customer reach and maximise their market share.

Our Vision & Purpose
Our Story and Team

Our Core Values

Clarity of Execution
Collaboration for Customer Excellence
Innovation for Digital Solutions

Our Purpose

"We Develop Websites and Digital Strategies that Increase Small Business Success"

Our Story

We are... Thinkers. Doers. Collaborators.

Our driving force and purpose is in helping everyday small business owners build wildly successful digital representations of their business. Our focus is on delivering creative, results-driven websites and digital strategies.

Like you, we are small business owners and committed optimists passionate about supporting the dream to be self-employed, turning ideas into meaningful action that create the results we desire.

We love our customers and are passionate about being of service!

MyCoopShop was founded as a collaboration between a seasoned business consulting firm and its philanthropic partner.

Kinetic Solutions - Your Potential in Motion Pty Ltd

Founded in 2004, Kinetic Solutions has a driving force and purpose to provide the most innovative and leading-edge business, digital and coaching solutions that unleash individual and business potential.
The company is overflowing with committed optimists, passionate about supporting the dream for every individual and business to soar to new heights and turn dreams into meaningful action that create massive results.
As a philanthropic partner, Kinetic Solutions provides IP and digital infrastructure that supports the development of online solutions for small businesses.

The Solution Network Australia Foundation

Solutions was founded in 2002 with the sole purpose to exist to "Complement and empower individuals, groups, families and local communities".
Solutions strategies and programs are strength-based,
solution-focused & community inclusive.
Supporting and collaborating with SME owners, self employed individuals and also helping people start their own micro-business by enabling and empowering them with all the business building tools needed to succeed in the Digital Economy.

MyCoopShop Project Leaders

Tanya Fraser

Tanya's broad depth of experience within one of Australia's largest and high performing Banks, Westpac Banking Corporation, provides the financial aptitude, strategic capability, stakeholder influence and confidence in managing successful and profitable businesses.

Tanya was the face for the Ambitious Professionals Market, along with the Face of Ruby Connection for Westpac Queensland – a community network designed to support, inspire, educate and connect business professionals.

Tanya's leadership roles included full financial, people, recruitment, legislative and risk responsibilities across Westpac's multiple retail channels across multiple states.

  1. 25+ years experience in Australia's largest corporates.
  2. Sought after businesswoman and leadership professional.
  3. Dedicated wife, mum and health advocate.


David Fraser

David's professional background spans a blend of state and federal government and corporate experience.

In 2005, David's philanthropic work led to the establishment of The Solution Network Australia Foundation (, a charitable trust developed to complement and empower individuals, groups, families and communities. The highly successful overseas aid project,​ Living Water, is currently active in the Philippines, Ethiopia and Indonesia. In 2017, MyCoopShop became a critical project for Solutions.

David is a trained Clinical Neuroscientist & Google digital developer. He leads all website and digital strategies from implementation to empowerment to achieve business scaling and digital optimisation success.

  1. A trained Clinical Neuroscientist
  2. Expert knowledge on psychological & biological barriers performance
  3. Dedicated husband, father and philanthropist


A team that is bigger than us!

There is enough talent for us to achieve anything together!

When you have been in the digital world for as long as us, you come across some amazingly talented people. We have built a team that makes it possible to achieve excellence at scale, or to specialise in "full stack" development projects.

Mobile Application

Online Classrooms and
eLearning Resources

Social Media and
Online Advertising

Content Creation and
Article Writing

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About Us

MyCoopShop is a project of
The Solution Network Australia Foundation in collaboration with Kinetic Solutions Pty. Ltd.


The Solution Network Australia Foundation
PO Box 794, Moffat Beach, Qld, 4551
ABN 47 753 667 350

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